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Art above by Dragonkitty12340

When you drop a pen, it... 

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Oh boy here's more
Read if you want

WhiteWater WhiteWater by CandyPurpleCat

-Wants to be strong like her ancestors (she even wants to try to surpass them)
-Loves people and is friendly to everyone, even her enemies
-Is bisexual and she's my only bi character-
-Doesn't understand math
-Doesn't understand books either
-Can do complicated origami quickly though

Sythini Kamiida Asada Blueberry by CandyPurpleCat

-A princess of a powerful empire
-She ran away from home
-She has schizophrenia and an anger disorder
-Loves Lucky Charms
-WhiteWater's best friend
-Defies physics on a daily basis
-Takes trips to space mcdonald's at 3 am
-"I do what I want"

Viiktori Iviina Asada Viiktori Asada by CandyPurpleCat

-Taivini's daughter (would be Sythini's grandmother)
-An Asada
-Name sounds like victory
-She's dead but alive in dreams
-I don't want to give away too much about her because then it'd ruin the story I'm writing

Aries Zodi Darius Scientist and Nihilist by CandyPurpleCat(on the left)

-Comes from another dimension
-She has wind powers but doesn't know how to use them</s>
-Has an IQ of 170 but sometimes overlooks simple things
-Quantum physicist
-She's a doctor in physics and then she sees Sythini defy the laws of physics and gets mad okno
-She mostly takes care of Sythini since Sythini can't take care of herself well

Sakama Vasilievna Do it Tomorrow by CandyPurpleCat

-She's a ghost</s>
-She was raped
-Only has one eye</s>
-Has a daughter</s>
-Married to the god of death</s>
-Her parents were physically and emotionally abusive</s>
-Works for Sundini and Ayanda and is a good friend of theirs

Luumii Tiava Asada (no pics yet)</s>

-Sundini's sister</s>
-Was banished from any part of the Asada empire due to her evil and was never allowed to be an Empress
-She is good at corrupting people and she can even do it just by being close enough to someone</s>

Taivini Kairoii Asada I Would've Loved You for a Thousand Years by CandyPurpleCat</s>

-Ex-Empress of the Asada Empire</s>
-She loves jellybeans</s>
-She only really cares about herself</s>
-She has only one daughter and she's dead now</s>
-She's around 2000 years old, which is about 90 for her</s>
-She's Sythini's great-grandmother</s>

WhiteWater 1 Whitey 1 by CandyPurpleCat</s>

-Is blind</s>
-The first one of WhiteWater's family to get electric powers, which then she passed down</s>
-Becoming weaker with time</s>
-She's a legend to her descendants because of what she did, but not everything she did was good</s>
-She lives alone and she doesn't have any friends</s>
-No one actually knows where she is</s>

Ayanda Zuru AsadaBlueberry Mom by CandyPurpleCat</s>

-Married into the Asada family</s>
-Princess of the Empire (I say princess even though she's married to the Emperor because of how royalty titles actually work)</s>
-Sythini's mom</s>
-Probably the best of all the moms</s>
-She's more calm and understanding of people than her husband and plus she gives people life lessons</s>
-She's a pacifist and doesn't like others to be violent</s>

Amiika Riiva AsadaAmiika Asada by CandyPurpleCat</s>

-Sythini's hotter older sister</s>
-Going to be Empress in just a couple years</s>
-She's the complete opposite of her mother when it comes to violence</s>
-The first thing she wants to do as Empress is start a huge multi-dimensional war despite their family not knowing where Sythini is and she could get killed from it</s>

Sundini Jjikata Asada Oh, um... by CandyPurpleCat (right)</s>

-Emperor of the Asada Empire</s>
-Sythini's dad</s>
-Like kittens</s>
-Is usually grumpy and bossy</s>
-Works more than he is with his family</s>
-Probably the richest guy in the multiverse</s>
-Viiktori's son

Kei Uno Kenjii Huh? by CandyPurpleCat</s>

-God of death</s>
-Sakama's husband</s>
-Constantly working and is always tired</s>
-He's friendlier and more cheerful than you'd expect him to be</s>
-Works for Sundini and Ayanda and is a good friend of them</s>

okie that's all for now

I'll probably make another journal or add on to this on
i forgot sythini has anger issues oops

ok go on with your day now i'm just writing this


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